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With Kwest and your mobile device, you are able to select from a series of worlds to play as the main character in an interactive narrative adventure. Storylines are delivered through voiceover narration, music, and audio effects.

Players will make choices that shape their own unique story which will come to life through the "lens" of augmented reality. Each experience will embody our values:



We’re excited by the world around us and jump at any chance to get out there and explore.



We put a new lens on the world, literally. We think there’s nothing wrong with living with your head in the clouds. In fact, we encourage it.



In a world where everyone is plugged in and tuned out, we champion connection through technology.



We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life’s one big game, anyway.

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About the Team


Omeed Shams

Founder & CEO

Michael J Gibson


Billy Sagulo

Art Director

Alexey Andreev

Lead Developer

Nikita Neymokel

Lead Game Designer

Valeriy Dymura

Software Developer

Kaitlyn Watson

3D Artist

Mert Kirimgeri

Unity Developer

Emily Martin

Marketing Director

Chris Click

Audio Designer

Peter Ariet

Technical Artist

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Finally, #audiofictionlove to @thewhisperforge, and every work of art coming from there. The Whisperforge has helped audio fiction craft a space for itself.


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